For Clients

You are eligible for PathWays PA FREE tax preparation services if you:

  • Make less than $56,000 per year

In addition to preparing your taxes at no cost, PathWaysPA volunteer tax preparers can:

  • Help you develop a savings plan for your tax refund.
  • Assist you with a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for you or your children using your tax information.
  • Sign you up for a free debit card or bank account if you do not already have a checking or savings account.
  • Connect you with PathWays PA Financial Counseling services to improve your credit, develop a road map to reach your financial goals, and create a spending plan.
  • Screen you for eligibility for public benefits, including SNAP, CHIP and free or reduced lunches.
  • Use your tax refund to enroll in the Individual Development Account (IDA) program and have it matched to achieve your educational goals.

Make the Most of YOUR Tax Refund

Saving part or all of your tax refund can help prepare for sudden expenses like car repairs or medical bills. Bring your savings account number and ask your tax preparer to help you make the most of your refund.